Saturday, July 9, 2011

Long time, no see...

Hey there! Here are some things you need to know about me- I am lazy. That's about it... that alone should tell you well enough about the way you are supposed to follow my blog posts.

Now I don't intend to scurry you off with the above opener- just thought of dropping some truth first.

I have had quite a run here after the last post.... At first when you enter a place, knowing you'll have to spend your next 5 years right there, you feel uncomfortable though you may be reluctant to show it. You try to fit in and while doing so, are assigned a new character due to a ridicule you couldn't successfully brush off yourself as well as others. And you think that you're stuck with the name.

Then, few months pass and you have fights with your own kind due to issues of still fitting in. Reason? You aren't used to a group! You are a nomad. You try to establish your worth meanwhile among your friends, and make ends meet at the tests. You somehow manage to get a good score, courtesy your pitiful profs.

Then a year passes by. You try to recall what happened last semester, and you begin to have a headache. Why not, how can you of all remember so many things. Life was happening then...

You suddenly mature, buttload of work on your shoulders waiting to be taken care of and you cant handle that and you manage to fail miserably. This time you are lashed by the 'gracious' profs.

You have no choice and come back in the most dramatic way realizing what you are supposed to work at and for. All this time you gain weight, you lose loved ones, you stumble upon problems, jump past solutions.

Hey, wait- what about the ridicule? What about the name that stuck? What happened to that nomad? What about the happening life? What about the loved ones? Most importantly, what now?

Who cares! No but seriously, what about them? Nothing much, the ridicule was a childish thing to bond with you, or make fun of you all the same; your kind ought to mature as you do; life is how you treat it- if you choose to drink and drain down your adrenalin, so be it as far as you don't blame others for having it taken away from you; you will never be able to forget them- and that's okay, you need not since they are your inspiration to live on; finally, let's see where destiny takes you now...

That's life. Move on. Just as I have.